Defunct Studio Factor 5 Reveals Cancelled Star Wars Games, Says PS3 Exclusive Lair Was a Mistake

October 11, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan

lair ps3

President Julian Eggebrecht of the now-defunct studio, Factor 5, has revealed some Star Wars projects that never materialized. Speaking to IGN, he made reference to a previous leak regarding a trilogy compilation for the original Xbox. According to him, when the project was canned, Factor 5 went on to work on an Xbox 360 launch title, Star Wars Rogue Squadron: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, which met the same fate. Following this, Sony reached out to Factor 5 and presented the studio with another opportunity. Eggebrecht said:

The moment it [Rogue Squadron] was cancelled, Shu[hei] Yoshida from Sony basically held out his hand and basically said ‘come on, guys, come on to the PlayStation team. We’re still looking for PlayStation 3 launch titles.’

When Factor 5 pitched Rogue Squadron to Yoshida, the idea was rejected on the basis of Sony wanting an “internal” new game for the PS3. This resulted in the studio making Lair, an action-adventure video game lamented for poorly-implemented motion controls. “It was far too ambitious for a launch title. It was a pretty big mistake,” Eggebrecht said about Lair, which was a critical and commercial failure. 

So what was Rogue Squadron all about? Eggebrecht explains:

It was much more about groups, because it’s always Rogue Squadron, right? So, you would be Red 5, together with the Reds essentially attacking, and there would be the Imperial side. And that would be the two factions duking it out in essentially the [Star Wars] movie battles, and then in additional battles.

Do you think Sony should have given Rogue Squadron a chance? 

[Source: IGN]