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Report: Console Makers Pushing Ubisoft to Make PC Games Locked at 30fps

October 15, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


According to a recent post by Reddit user timois, some Ubisoft employees visited a school to talk about their work and answer questions. One of the things they apparently talked about was that game console makers, such as Sony and Microsoft, pressure them into making games that are locked at 30fps on PCs.

The decision to lock Assassin’s Creed Unity at 30fps on consoles that could go higher, like the PlayStation 4, has caused a lot of buzz around the internet, so it comes at no surprise that the Ubisoft employees wanted to clarify why exactly they had to do that.

The employees, who consisted of an HR rep, a game architect, and an online programmer, were asked about 30fps versus 60fps in their games. The employees explained that they try for 60fps on consoles, but due to “limitations” are sometimes forced into making the games run at 30fps.

The employees then go on to say that console makers, such as Sony and Microsoft, pressure them into making the PC versions of the games also run at 30fps, apparently despite not working with the same limitations. Although it is not explained, it appears to be because console makers don’t want the PC version of games to outperform the console versions.

It’s worth noting that the questions and answers were translated from another language into English by the Reddit user, so their is always the possibility of something being translated incorrectly.

What do you think about this? Why do you think console makers put this type of pressure on game developers?

[Source: Reddit via TweakTown]