Sony Japan Reveals Screenshots for PS4 System Update 2.00, Share Play

October 17, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

Shortly after PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.00 was detailed by its North America and European branches, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan dished out some more details about the forthcoming update, with the screenshot gallery above giving you a look at the various UI changes.

You can find out full details on Share Play and YouTube support, Themes, all of yesterday’s newly announced features, and the potential release date for 2.00 by following the links, or keep reading below for some more info:

  • Share Play – Activated by pushing the SHARE button on your DualShock 4 controller. By doing so, you can invite a friend to join your game, even if they don’t own it (both players need PlayStation Plus); or you can invite your friend to take control of your game, even if they don’t own it (host needs PS+); or you can display your game screen to a visitor.
  • YouTube Support – Gameplay clips can be uploaded to YouTube via the SHARE button. Videos uploaded to YouTube will be viewable from each player’s recent activities area.
  • Broadcasting – Improvements include the ability for the broadcaster to display a message on screen, as well as allowing the voice of others in the same party chat with the broadcaster can be included in the livestream.

Are you excited for Share Play?

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