PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 Release Date Teased, More Features to be Announced (Update)


It’s not the answer you’re looking for, but Fred Dutton of the EU PS Blog did say, “Sorry I can’t be clearer at present, but we’ll confirm a date very shortly [for PS4 update 2.00]. You’ve not got long to wait.”

Original Story:

Sony may have just finished up giving us even more details about PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.00, but as SCEA’s Scott McCarthy reveals in the PlayStation Blog’s comment section, they aren’t finished:

Keep in mind this is revealing a bit more about the update but it is not the full list yet – more to come!

While he wouldn’t offer up any details about what else will be coming in 2.00, McCarthy did tease:

I have a Themes surprise coming for everyone on 2.0 launch day. No I am not going tell you what it is.

When asked about video file support or DLNA, McCarthy simply said, “This is a personal ‘must have’ for me as well. I will say that DLNA will be great when it arrives.” He didn’t give a timeframe for when it might arrive.

For now, 2.00 brings along USB support for music, with Scott clarifying, “The USB player functionality will support music files at the 2.0 update,” but not videos. Additionally, “2.0 functionality will be USB only,” so you won’t be able to connect another device like an iPhone.

Sticking with the topic of media, a commenter pointed towards the recent Xbox One Media Player app, with McCarthy responding:

We look at all media apps and other features but we also look at how people are using the PS4 and how can we make that experience better for our gamers. Sometimes this means leaving cakes in the oven a little longer…

Regarding a potential release date for firmware update 2.00, McCarthy teased that it should be out in late October/early November by saying, “We have not yet announced a date. That said we don’t want you guys playing some of the biggest games of the year without the biggest update of the year.”

As for why it’s taking so long to reveal a release date, he added:

We don’t want to make promises we can’t keep. Timing will be confirmed when there’s no chance of it changing. We really do have you guys in mind when we make these kinds of timing decisions.

McCarthy finished up his comments on the PS Blog by saying, “Sorting games/friends data is also a top discussion.”

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