The Evil Within Trophy Guide

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s Trophy guide for The Evil Within! There are 42 Trophies to earn and this won’t be an easy Platinum to obtain either. If you’re trying to get this Platinum Trophy as quickly as possible, it will require a minimum of four play-throughs. One on Survival difficulty, one on Nightmare difficulty, another on Akuma mode and a speed run play-through. There is a New Game Plus option after you beat the game but you can only carry over your unlocks to a difficulty that you have already completed. On one of the play-throughs you’ll need to not upgrade any of your equipment. You can do that on any of the difficulties but it’s obviously easier to do on Casual difficulty. Doing that on Casual will add another play-through, however. There is also Chapter Select after you complete the story allowing you to go back and pick up any trophies you may have missed. 

Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers within the guide. If you’re trying to avoid spoilers, it’s recommended that you complete the game before reading any further.

 Pure Evil – Platinum

– Unlocked all other Trophies for The Evil Within. 

Weapon of Choice – Bronze

– Defeat the Sadist within the village.

This Trophy is story related. 

Old Flame – Bronze

– Finish off a shrieking beast.

This Trophy is story related.

Two on Two – Bronze

– Take out both Guardians before the church.

This Trophy is story related.

What’s In The Box?! – Bronze

– Escape the Keeper beneath the catacombs.

This Trophy is story related.

The First, Not the Last – Bronze

– End a monstrosity in the underground garage. 

This Trophy is story related.

Arachnophobia – Bronze

– Outrun a gigantic threat in the city.

This Trophy is story related. 

Slither into Oblivion – Bronze

– Remove an invisible enemy from the equation.

This Trophy is story related. 

One of the Many – Bronze

– Defeat the ultimate evil within.

This Trophy is story related.

First Step into Darkness – Bronze

– Complete the game on Casual difficulty.

See the Trophy “Master of Horror” for more details. 

Another Day on the Job – Silver

– Complete the game on Survival difficulty.

See the Trophy “Master of Horror” for more details.

Master of Horror – Silver

– Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.

Nightmare difficulty is unlocked by completing the game on Survival difficulty. This is just basically playing the game on hard. You take more damage and deal less damage. Ammo is also more scarce. The difficulty trophies stack but to play Nightmare, you’ll need to beat it on Survival (normal) first to unlock Nightmare. 

Every Nook and Cranny – Silver

– Collect every collectible in the game.

There is a total 106 collectibles. Key items cannot be missed as they are needed for story progression. Anything you have found will carry over to your New Game Plus play-through. 

Audio Tapes – 10

Missing Person Posters – 15

Documents – 16

Newspapers – 21

Map Fragments – 28

Journal – 16

Master of Unlocking – Bronze

– Open up all the lockers in the save room.

The save room is hospital where you can save your game at the desk. You’ll be taken here as part of the story. After you complete Chapter 4, you’ll be taken to the morgue area where the lockers are. There are 45 lockers to be opened. Key are needed to open the lockers. The keys can be found in chests, crates, small white statues or even in some of the morgue lockers. The crates and statues are broken by using a melee attack. 

Hardbody – Silver

– Fully upgrade all of Sebastian’s attributes. 

See the trophy “Why Can’t I Hold All This Ammo?” for more details. 

My Best Friend – Bronze

– Completely upgrade one weapon. 

See the trophy “Why Can’t I Hold All This Ammo?” for more details. 

 The Power of Three – Bronze

– Completely upgrade three weapons.

See the trophy “Why Can’t I Hold All This Ammo?” for more details. 

Unstoppable Arsenal – Gold

– Completely upgrade all weapons.

See the trophy “Why Can’t I Hold All This Ammo?” for more details. 

Why Can’t I Hold All This Ammo? – Bronze

– Upgrade all options in the stock menu. 

Green Gel is used to upgrade everything in this game. The Gel can be found in the chapters and can also be dropped by killing enemies. You’re going to need a lot of it so keep your eyes peeled for it as you play through the game. 

All weapons – 638,000 Gel

All attributes – 178,000 Gel 

All stock options – 112,800 Gel

Blow Up the Playing Field – Silver

– Use a secret explosive weapon to kill 10 enemies. (Agony Bolt effects negate results.)

 You’ll earn the secret rocket launcher for completing the game. You can then use it during your New Game Plus play-through. 

Full House – Bronze

– Kill five enemies with each type of Agony Bolt.

There are five different types of Agony Bolts, Explosive, Shock, Freeze, Flash and Harpoon. All you gotta do is kill five enemies with each bolt type. For the Flash Bolts, you have Sneak Kill them while they are stunned by the Flash Bolt.

Silent Kill – Bronze

– Kill five enemies in a row with a sneak kill without being discovered.

To sneak kill, hold R1 to crouch and then press X when you’re near an enemy. Chapter 2 on the road toward opening the big gate is a good place to earn this. Simply kill five in a row without alerting any of the enemies and the Trophy is yours. 

Burn, Baby, Burn! – Bronze

– Kill five enemies with a torch.

Torches can be picked up from enemies who are carrying one after you’ve killed them. With the torch equipped, press Triangle to attack and kill an enemy with it. It’s a one hit kill but you can only kill one enemy per torch. 

…And the Corpses Mount – Bronze

– Kill 30 enemies. 

See the Trophy “One Man Army” for more details. 

Krimson PD Fury – Bronze

– Kill 200 enemies.

See the Trophy “One Man Army” for more details. 

One Man Army – Silver

– Kill 400 enemies.

This Trophy will unlock as you play through the game. Simply kill enemies you come across to add to your total. Your kill count will carry over to other play-throughs, it does not need to be completed in one play-through.

Ammo Conservationist – Bronze

– Kill 25 enemies with melee attacks.

You can use the melee attack by pressing Triangle. This is another Trophy that will unlock as you progress through the game. This is a Trophy that is easier completed on Casual difficulty. You can use other weapons to damage the enemy, but the killing blow must be a melee strike. 

Bloody Bar Brawl – Bronze

– Sneak kill an enemy after hitting them with a bottle.

Bottles can be found almost everywhere in the game. Pick one up and throw it at an enemy. Make sure you hit them in the head with the bottle to stun them. While they are stunned, run up to them, hold R1 and press X to sneak kill them. 

Drop It Like It’s Hot – Bronze

– Kill three living enemies with one drop of a match.

Once you knock down an enemy you have the option (IF you have matches) to press Circle and light the enemy on fire to kill them. Shooting an enemy in the leg will cause them to fall over. You can either get three enemies on the ground next to each other or drop one enemy and light him on fire as two stand near. There are many chance to earn this throughout the game as enemies attack in groups quite frequently. 

The Quick and the Dead – Gold

– Finish the game with a clear time of under 5:00:00.

This is best done on Casual difficulty on New Game Plus. You’ll have all your upgraded items and a special one hit kill rocket launcher unlocked. Skip the cutscenes and avoid fighting enemies by running past them and straight to the objectives if possible.  It’s recommended to not attempt this until after you’ve finished the story and are comfortable with the game. 

It is What It Is – Gold

– Finish the game without upgrading any skills with Green Gel. 

This Trophy is easiest earned on Casual difficulty. All you gotta do is play through and complete the game without upgrading anything. During Chapter 2 you’ll be forced to spend 100 Green Gel, that will not negate the Trophy as it is an unavoidable story requirement.

You Asked For It – Gold

– Finish the game on 悪夢 (AKUMU) mode.

Akumu mode is unlocked by completing the game on Survival difficulty. In this mode if you get hit once, you die. If you are damaged in any way, its instant death. You cannot play this on New Game Plus. When you start the mode it’ll be with a new character with no upgrades. Just stay aware of what’s going on around. Never get close to enemies, always try to take them out from a distance. Aim for the legs so you can make them fall. When you get enemies on the ground immediately run over to them and burn them with matches. Always be on the lookout for matches as they will help you dispose of enemies quickly. Some attributes to upgrade that will help out with this are Sprint Duration, Matches, Freeze and Flash Bolts and any of the other weapons. 

A la Corvo – Bronze

– Have they lost their minds? Better get past them without a fight. (Ch. 2)

 The area for this Trophy begins at the small cabin. There will be an enemy pounding on the door and you need to go in and continue by climbing through the window. Do not kill the enemy pounding on the door. From that point on, you need to make it through the gate without killing any of them. Once you get to the point where the cutscene triggers, you’ll be chased by some enemies. You can lure those enemies into the traps that are set on the road. They’ll die, but it won’t count against the Trophy. 

Knife Beats Chainsaw – Silver

– His engine roars, but my knife is strong enough to take him out. (Ch. 3)

Before you can beat Chapter 3, you have to fight a chainsaw wielding boss. To get this Trophy, you have to beat him with your knife. It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. Hit him with three Explosive Bolts and then a Flash Bolt. While he is stunned by the Flash Bolt run up to him, hold R1 and press X to Sneak Kill him. 

Home Is Where the Hospice Is – Bronze

– That vision in the hospice… why here? Why now? (Ch. 4)

At the beginning of Chapter 4, go into the house ahead of you. As you come around the corner after entering the house a cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene, kill the doctor to trigger the vision. 

Not Part of the Job Description – Silver

– The water’s rising, but we’ll get out of this without a scratch. (Ch. 5)

During Chapter 5 you’ll encounter an area that has you fighting alongside Joseph to rescue Kidman. During this part, Joseph cannot take any damage. This can be a little tricky to say the least. This is much easier if attempted on Casual difficulty after you’ve completed the game and unlocked the secret weapons. 

Everybody Gets One – Bronze

– Who wouldn’t reach out for a man clinging for his life? (Ch. 6)

 You’ll get the opportunity to earn this during the area when the enemies are shooting arrows from the side of a tower. You gotta get Joseph to fall off a ledge and then help him back up. Get to an area near a ledge and let Joseph fight enemies. He will either slip and fall or be knocked off. As he is hanging, get to him and press X to help him back up. 

I Don’t Have Time for This! – Bronze

– It won’t stay dead! Better only fight when I have to. (Ch. 7)

This Trophy will require you to only kill two Keepers. They are the enemies with the safe like boxes on their heads. Every time you kill one and move onto a new area, a new Keeper will spawn. Kill the first one and the door will open allowing you to move on to the next area. In the next area, sprint to the valve and shut off the gas. After the gas is shut off, a door will be opened to the next area. Run to this area without killing the Keeper. In the third area, kill the Keeper and shut off the gas with the valve. In the fourth area, a Keeper will smash the valve you need to shut off. There is a spare valve sitting on a table, pick it up and place it where the Keeper smashed the previous one. Once it’s on, turn the valve to shut the gas off. Freeze Bolts work best for slowing down the Keeper in the final area as you put on and turn the valve. Escape the area and finish the mission. 

Item Management – Bronze

– This cave echoes like crazy. Better put the gun away and keep quiet. (Ch. 8)

You cannot fire any of your weapons during Chapter 8. It’s not too difficult. Just run past enemies as you come across them. In the beginning, you can either lure the enemies away from the gate by having them follow you or you can deal with them by using melee attacks. Luring them away is the easier route. Have them follow a little ways and then sprint back to the gate and open it. 

Bathed in Flames – Silver

– Enough running! I’ll burn her to the ground right here! (Ch. 10)

Toward the end of Chapter 10 you’ll encounter the multiple limbed monster, Laura. You need to kill her before getting in the elevator. You can’t get too close to the elevator or a cutscene will play and you’ll enter the elevator. This is another Trophy that should be attempted on your New Game Plus play-through. On NG+, you’ll have unlocked the secret rocket launcher. This will kill Laura in only a few hits. 

Not a Scratch on Her! – Bronze

– I’m not taking any chances, this bus can’t take much more damage. (Ch. 12)

You have to drive down the highway avoiding the enemies. You can’t hit any of them. This is after you get off of the mounted weapon. 

Entry level Electrician – Bronze

– I should get this whole generator panel running just in case. (Ch. 14)

Simply place all three of the electrical parts onto the panel at the same time. Don’t put any of the pieces on the panel until you have all three. If you set a part on the panel and back out of the puzzle, you’ll negate the trophy. Just place and power up all three at the same time. 

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