Costume Quest 2 Arrives on PS4 & PS3 Just Before Halloween in North America

Getting it to us right before Halloween, Double Fine and Midnight City have announced that Costume Quest 2 will launch for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on October 28 in North America for $14.99 (cross-buy won’t be included). Asked about a European date, Midnight City’s Casey Lynch said, “We’re working with Sony Europe to finalize the release date, we should have some news very soon.”

Teaming up with Media Molecule, Costume Quest 2 will feature a free Sackboy costume offered as a hidden bonus through a free post-launch content update.

Here’s how you’ll be able to unlock Sackboy, as well as the benefits he brings:

Players must seek out the four pieces to assemble this legendary ensemble. In explore mode, Sackboy is a true DIY masterpiece fashioned from a burlap sack, buttons, thread and a whole lot of love! While transformed, he takes on his more familiar fabric form to tangle with Dr. White’s demented dental delinquents. During combat Sackboy charges up to deliver the ‘Little Big Beat Down,’ proving big pain can come from small packages. Unleash his fabric fists of fury for yourself when the free Sackboy content goes live in the coming weeks, final release date to follow!

The sequel to Costume Quest, Costume Quest 2 sees you teaming up with Wren and Reynold as they try to save Halloween from Dr. Orel White, ” a misunderstood dentist dedicated to a world free of cavities, candy, and Halloween.”

Midnight City talked about some of the changes this time around:

Updated combat streamlines the process, while adding new features like Battle Cards and Persistent Health which can be replenished at one of the many Water Fountains sprinkled in the levels. While checkpoints are plentiful to keep the action moving, players can equip the Candy Corn costume to add a little more challenge to their quest! (And get a super sweet trophy, to boot!)

Lynch also discussed the possibilities of the first Costume Quest coming to PS4 and Costume Quest 2 coming to PlayStation Vita:

We’ve talked about it, there’s a lot to it in that the game is now 4 years old and the engine it was developed with has gone through many, many changes. In some cases, there’s parts of the game that would have to rebuilt from the ground up. So anyways, without too much technical detail, we agree it would be super duper fantastic, and we’d love to do it.

We’ve also thought about bringing CQ2 to Vita, we’ll be watching how the game does on home consoles, if people are into it and there’s enough demand we’d definitely really consider doing it!

Will you be getting Costume Quest 2 next week?

[Source: PS Blog]