Sony Offers Solution to PS4 Rest Mode Issue (Update)


Replying to roughly a dozen people all at once who reported issues with their PS4 after putting it in Rest Mode, the Ask PlayStation Twitter account offered up this message:

Original Story:

Since the release of PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.00 earlier today, some users have reported that their system won’t turn on again after going into the newly named Rest Mode.

Responding to a few of the people experiencing this issue, the Ask PlayStation Twitter account said, “Try booting in Safe Mode and running options 4 and 5.”

Options 4 and 5 in PS4 Safe Mode are as follows:

  • Restore Default Settings – Restores the PlayStation 4 to the default factory settings.
  • Rebuild Database – Scans the drive and creates a new database of all content. This operation may take a long time depending on the type and number of data items.

Additionally, if your PS4 is stuck on the “health and safety warnings” screen, Ask PlayStation suggests you “hold the Power button, power off, and then reboot the PS4.”

Also for update 2.00, Ask PlayStation said, “Make sure that your USB device is formatted as FAT32, and try again” after someone pointed out how the USB music player app didn’t automatically pop up for them.

As well, “There may be network congestion that’s causing a delay in messages loading and displaying.” We know now, however, that it’s actually due to the PSN being down.

If you’re looking for the new PS4 themes and YouTube app, they will be available once the PlayStation Store is fully updated (usually by 2pm PT/5pm ET).

[Source: Ask PlayStation (Twitter) via Reddit]