Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Gone Gold

November 1, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Executive Producer Mark Darrah has announced that Dragon Age: Inquisition has gone gold on all platforms. Writing on BioWare’s blog, he thanked fans for their support and said that a lot of hard work went into the game. 

We started working on this game in earnest more than four years ago, before we’d even finished Dragon Age II. Back then, our goal was simple: do whatever we had to in order to tell the biggest story we’d ever told in the Dragon Age universe. Achieving that meant leaving no stone unturned – from adopting a new engine in Frostbite 3, to reimagining combat so it could blend tactics and action better than ever. It meant bringing back playable races in addition to gender choice, to work in conjunction with the biggest and deepest character creator we’ve ever built. It meant building a beautiful and detailed online platform to ensure your decisions from the previous games carried over. But most importantly, it meant crafting a story that put you in the role of a leader, with the biggest supporting cast we’ve ever had, made up of both new and returning characters.

Emphasizing on the vastness of the game, Darrah called it the “biggest story of the year.” Dragon Age: Inquisition is scheduled for release on November 18 in North America, November 20 in Australia, November 21 in Europe, and November 27 in Japan.

[Source: BioWare]