Xbox One Price Cut Allows it to “Compete” With PS4 This Holiday, Says Xbox Boss

In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft announced a holiday price cut for the Xbox One that went into effect on November 2 in the United States. Taking $50 off each Xbox One console, this means you can get one for as low as $349.99.

With Sony announcing in their financials that 13.5 million PlayStation 4s have been shipped since launch, and an estimated 7.42 million Xbox Ones were sold since launch, it’s clear Microsoft had to do something to catch up in the sales race. Speaking during Major Nelson’s latest Radio podcast, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer confirmed the Xbox One price cut was designed to do just that:

The pricing that’s going to run through the holidays is a big move for us. I think it’s a good time for us to go in, and, let’s just say it – compete.

This price change wasn’t a reaction to recent sales figures though, with Spencer confirming they planned it “months” ahead of time to co-ordinate with retailers.

Do you think the Xbox One will defeat the PS4 in November or December? Or will the PS4 continue its winning streak?

[Source: Major Nelson’s Podcast via GameSpot]