Call of Duty Franchise Sells Over 188 Million Units to Date

While it might not shock you to learn that Call of Duty is the best-selling first-person shooter franchise of all time, you might be surprised to learn that the franchise has sold a whopping 188,900,000 games across all platforms as of July 2014.

Amazingly, this number does not account for the latest CoD game, Advanced Warfare, which Activision is predicting to be the biggest game of the year. Their prediction might not be that far off, considering Advanced Warfare is already the fifth fastest-selling CoD game ever.

Call of Duty first launched back in 2003 on the PC, and since then, the franchise has launched a total of 21 titles over the years that have reached a number of platforms. What CoD games have you bought over the years to help allow the franchise to sell so many copies? Let us know in the comments.