Activision Expects Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to be the ‘Biggest Game of 2014’

Following the record-breaking financial results posted by Activision Blizzard this week, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg talked about how successful Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been so far, and how big they expect it to be.

During the earnings call yesterday, Hirshberg admitted that it’s too soon to know full details on Advanced Warfare’s Day Zero performance, but they’re “very pleased” with the initial results. He also revealed that “Advanced Warfare was the most pre-ordered game of the year and so far has the highest game ranking of the last 3 Call of Duty titles.”

Based on the amount of pre-orders, as well as heightened purchase intent and more, Hirshberg revealed their lofty expectations for the game:

We expect that Advanced Warfare will go on to become the biggest game of the year, the most digitally purchased game in console history, and the largest next-gen title in history and all of those by wide margins.

He also touched upon the upcoming DLC for Advanced Warfare, saying, “Our upcoming season of digital content will offer players more than ever before.”

Do you think there’s any game that could stop Advanced Warfare from becoming the #1 selling title of 2014?

[Source: Seeking Alpha]