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Activision Blizzard debt

Eric Hirshberg Stepping Down as Activision Publishing CEO in March

Activision is actively looking for a new CEO.

Call of Duty WWII

“There‚Äôs Every Possibility” Call of Duty Could Explore WWII or Other Historical Settings in the Future, Says Activision CEO

Sledgehammer originally wanted to make Advanced Warfare 2.

Activision: Crash Bandicoot Remaster “Surpassed All of Our Expectations by a Pretty Wide Margin”

Looks like they’ll be doing more remasters in the future.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare “Might Have Been the Wrong Game at the Wrong Moment,” Says Activision CEO

Hirshberg feels like Call of Duty: WWII is “the right game at the right time.”

Activision: Call of Duty Was the #1 Console Franchise of 2016

Based on revenue.

Destiny 2 Still Set for 2017, “The Majority of the Team” at Bungie Is Focused on It

Digital pre-orders of Rise of Iron are tracking ahead of The Taken King.

Activision Downplays Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer Dislikes, Says “The Franchise Has Never Been Stronger”

Black Ops 2 received similar treatment.

Activision Goes Over What Destiny Did Right, Bungie Explains The Taken King’s Price

“I think the game really nailed the investment into your character.”

Activision on Call of Duty Remasters: “It’s Something We Talk About and Think About a Lot”

Activision Publishing CEO: “I would love to play Modern Warfare 1 or the original Black Ops.”

Destiny on Next-Gen is Bungie’s “Full Vision” Claims Activision

Not being constricted by last-gen hardware.

Destiny’s Fall DLC to Be “the Biggest Addition to the Destiny Universe Yet,” Patch Notes for Update 1.20 Released

Also, newly revealed patch notes for update 1.20!

Black Ops 2 Developer Treyarch Leading 2015 Call of Duty, Game is “Loaded With Innovation”

It could be “one of our best games yet,” according to Activision.

Next Destiny “Full Game Release” in Development

Destiny was profitable on day one.

Activision Expects Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to be the ‘Biggest Game of 2014’

It’s the most pre-ordered title of 2014, according to Activision.

Activision: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Purchase Intent” Well Above Last Year

Activision boss Eric Hirshberg is “optimistic.”

Activision CEO Says Destiny’s Delay Earlier Was the “Right Decision”

First impression is the last impression.

Bungie Optimizing Destiny Based on Feedback, Beta Response “Almost Universally Positive”

Activision believes Call of Duty and Destiny can thrive together.

Activision Won’t Pursue Something Similar to EA Access Until the Model is Proven

They’re always looking at new ways to serve the players.

Activision CEO: Call of Duty “Not Immune” to Pre-Order Downturn

Advanced Warfare on track with expectations.