Black Ops 2 Developer Treyarch Leading 2015 Call of Duty, Game is “Loaded With Innovation”

Pretty much a given when Activision announced Call of Duty would be working under a three-year development cycle, the publisher officially confirmed in their earnings call yesterday that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 developer Treyarch is handling this year’s entry into the series.

Chief Financial Officer Dennis Durkin first talked about the new Call of Duty, saying it’s “an exciting new game,” with launch scheduled for Q4 2015. Comparing it to this year’s Advanced Warfare, which has over $1 billion in sell-through, the publisher expects it to sell around the same.

CEO Aric Hirshberg also talked about the 2015 Call of Duty, highlighting how Treyarch’s Black Ops and Black Ops 2 remain the biggest selling titles in the franchise. He continued, “This fall’s game will be Treyarch’s first on the 3-year development cycle, it will be loaded with innovation and we’re excited to share more details with our community soon.”

Later on in the call, Hirshberg says he believes Treyarch’s Call of Duty could be “one of our best games yet.”

Elsewhere, Activision said they plan on releasing an “innovative” new Skylanders game in Q4 2015. “And finally, we are working on several unannounced initiatives that we will say more about in the months ahead,” Durkin concluded.

[Source: Seeking Alpha]