Far Cry 4’s Alternate Ending Can Be Accessed in Only 30 Minutes (Spoilers)

There is an alternate ending to Far Cry 4, and it can actually be accessed after playing the game for only around 30 minutes. Before you read any further, however, be warned that this post and video both contain spoilers.

After the shooter’s opening, players have the choice of either staying in Pagan Min’s house — Min is the bad guy of the game, by the way — or escape his house and start shooting things up. If players choose the latter, the game will progress as normal. However, if the former option is chosen, then the game’s alternative ending begins.

The ending will have the player and Min become something close to buddies, and the two will talk about some personal things before Min peacefully leaves the area, prompting the credits to roll. It is goofy, fun, and weirdly touching.

What do you think of the alternative ending in Far Cry 4? Will you try to unlock this ending when the game comes out tomorrow?

[Source: ImperfectPlayers (YouTube) via VG247]