Far Cry 4 Update 2 Previewed, Known Launch Issues Include PS3 Game Data Corruption

November 19, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


With the day one update and launch for Far Cry 4 behind them, Ubisoft is already looking ahead to the second patch for the game.

Although it’s undated at the moment and the list of notes is incomplete, here’s everything currently known to be included inside the next Far Cry 4 update:

PvP & Co-Op

  • The game will no longer freeze if a player accepts a Co-Op invite while in the Uplay App after quickly selecting a storage device.
  • Players will no longer experience very low FPS if they join a friend in a PvP lobbly while in the Uplay browser.
  • The game will no longer remain on a black screen if they use the Fast Travel feature immediately after the Bell Tower unlock cinematic.
  • Resolved certain issues that prevented a player from returning to the Story Mode from the Co-Op tab.


  • Players will now be able to achieve 100% progression if they do not drive a snowmobile when the vehicle is available.
  • Players will now be able to reach 100% progression after the “Day 1” Patch is applied.


  • Corrected an issue where Trophies would not be rewarded for several weapons.

Main Menu

  • The player will now hear ambient sound if they return tot he Main Menu from the Uplay App.

PlayStation 3 Specific Issues

  • Players will now receive an error message if they are on a content restricted sub-account if they accepted a game invite while they were offline.
  • Players will no longer become stuck if they accept an invite while saving in the In-Game Editor.

Xbox 360 Specific Issues

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to complete the weapons collection even if they purchased every weapon (including main and side quests).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from accessing the Main Menu if they accepted a game invite from an inactive profile.

Xbox One Specific Issues

  • The correct error message is now displayed when the user tries to access the Options menu while paused when they are attempting to download a map while there is no connection to the Ubisoft servers.
  • The player will now return to the Main Menu if connection to Xbox Live is lost due to a disconnect during a host migration.
  • Users will no longer become stuck in an infinite loading loop if they attempt to change profiles while exiting a PvP session.

PC Specific Issues

  • NVIDIA HairWorks fully enabled for GeForce GTX gamers.

There’s also been a variety of Far Cry 4 issues reported to Ubisoft that they’re aware of, including the following:

  • PC Crashes – Some players have been reporting problems loading the game that result in a crash that manifests as a black screen. We have been able to reproduce this internally. While we are just starting to investigate this, our initial findings suggest that this may be the result of the presence of certain peripherals that are causing conflicts.
  • PlayStation 3 Corruption – We have seen reports from PS3 players that they are receiving a message reading “Game Data is corrupt. Please delete FC3 game data”. While the message suggests this would be limited to players who had also played Far Cry 3 on the same console, we are receiving similar reports from players who have not played FC3. If you are submitting reports about this issue, please clarify if you’ve played Far Cry 3 or Blood Dragon on the same console.
  • Pre-Order Code Redemption – Players who pre-ordered the game were told that they would receive an email with a redemption code for the “Blood Ruby” bonus mission in advance of the game’s release. Some players have reported that they did not yet receive this email, and some players have reported that they did receive the email but it was missing a valid code.

If you have feedback about Far Cry 4, head over to the Ubisoft Support website.

What do you think of Far Cry 4 so far?

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