Analyst Claims Xbox One Outsold PS4 on Black Friday, Games a “Bright Spot” for Retailers This Holiday Weekend

While we already reported on how the Xbox One supposedly beat out the PlayStation 4 during last week’s Black Friday sale according to retail analytics firm InfoScout, another research firm has weighed in and said the same thing.

According to Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia, the Xbox One outsold the PS4 this weekend due to Microsoft’s Assassin’s Creed bundle, which offered an $80 discount on the console, as well as two games from the franchise. Over on the Sony front, the company maintained its $399 price for its console, but packed in Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us Remastered to entice buyers.

Now, over on the video game business side, Agee mentions that as a whole, games remained a “bright spot” on Black Friday based on the firm’s data.

Notwithstanding several reports indicating overall retail shopper traffic declines over Thanksgiving weekend, we think video games remained a bright spot, based on our checks.

Is it surprising that games are still a hot commodity when it comes to Black Friday? More importantly, should Sony be worried that Microsoft seemingly outsold the PS4 during the year’s biggest shopping holiday?

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[Source: GamesIndustry]