Amplitude Gameplay Video Gives First Look at the Upcoming PS4 and PS3 Rhythm Game

Harmonix’s revival of Amplitude for PlayStation 4 and PS3 systems seems to be going well, as some nice, new gameplay footage of the upcoming rhythm title has just been released.

The video shows viewers both single player and multiplayer game modes, giving us a clue as to how four-player co-op will work in the game. Keep in mind, however, that the footage is from the pre-alpha demo build, and does not represent the finished product. Even so, the video shows much more than the early, off-screen gameplay video showed, which was released a few months after Amplitude received its required Kickstarter funding.

What do you think of the newly released video? Did you play Amplitude on the PS2, and will you get it again for the PS4 or PS3 when it finally comes out?

[Source: GameSpot (YouTube)]