PS4 and Xbox One Sold Well During UK’s Black Friday Week, Xbox Catching Up to PS4

Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One sold well in the UK during Black Friday week, although Microsoft managed to push just a little more Xbox One units than Sony could push PS4 consoles.

According to MCV, both PS4 and Xbox One sales doubled during the week of sales, making the number of home console sales in the UK double that of the same time period in 2013. Despite both consoles selling well, it looks like the Xbox One actually got in more sales, bringing the sales gap between the two consoles even closer.

If the large number of Xbox One sales continues, then that gap could be closed completely. In the UK, Microsoft has recently sold one million Xbox One units in only 2 months, just months after the PS4 did the same thing. Xbox One console deals will continue during the weekend in the UK, and those deals are reported to be better than either PS4 or Wii U consoles deals.

What do you think of all the Xbox One sales? Do you think it will catch up to the PS4?

[Source: MCV]