Uncharted 4 Creative Director Talks About Nathan Drake Being a Mass Murderer

Answering a question at PlayStation Experience, Uncharted 4′s Creative Director Neil Druckmann explained that while it might appear that Nathan Drake is a cold-hearted murderer — simply based on all of the enemies he has killed in all of the Uncharted games — it is best to remember that the game would be somewhat dull without all of the fighting. 

You always try to make sure the writing and the gameplay fit within the context of each other and we work really hard on that, adjusting gameplay, adjusting writing…. You know, in an action game you’re probably gonna kill more people than you see in a film.

Druckmann also warned people to try to ignore what others post on online forums — specifically NeoGAF — say about Nathan Drake. Just trust your own instincts instead, he advised.

So you have to kind of find what your comfort zone is and know the tone of what it is you’re making and stick to your gut and ignore NeoGaf as much as you can.

What do you think of Druckmann’s comments? To see him say these things for yourself, jump to the 55-minute mark of the above video.

[Source: PlayStation (YouTube) via The Games Cabin]