PS4 Friend Online Notification Feature Shown in New Sony Video

A highly-requested feature since the PlayStation 4 launched, it appears as though notifications for when your friends log into the PlayStation Network are coming to PS4.

The reveal comes via Sony’s new Inside PS4 video called Play & Chat Together in a Party, which features this notification at the :10 second mark:


Sony has yet to confirm if this feature is indeed coming to the PS4, so stay tuned for any news as it’s announced.

There was also another Inside PS4 video released today, with this one focusing on the different PS4 voice commands, which allow you to “navigate your PS4 home screen, jump into your favorite games, and share your epic moments using simple voice commands:”

Would you be happy to have the notification feature? Or would it be something you turn off immediately?

[Source: PlayStation Europe (YouTube) via NeoGAF]