Ubisoft Working to Bring Back The Crew’s Erased Stats

Apparently, some players have reported that their stats have been erased from The Crew‘s servers, and Ubisoft has assured them that they are looking into the issue.

During the night, a number of players have reportedly lost their in-game stats. On the game’s official forum, a community manager explained that Ubisoft has released a patch to prevent this from happening in the future, but is still trying to find a way to restore the lost stats. In addition, it appears as if the servers may still display false stats, which Ubisoft is also endeavoring to fix.

Lately, some players have been encountering an issue where some game statistics where lost.

Our team has been looking into it and was able to identify the issue. What was happening is that the server was sometimes unable to load your stats and erasing them.

With today’s Patch, the server will no longer be erasing your statistics however it might still be displaying the wrong stats.

In short, your stats are no longer reset but they might not be properly displayed.

Have you had any problem with your own statistics or The Crew in general? Did the patch help at all?

[Source: The Crew Forum via VideoGamer]