Zombie Vikings Releases on PS4 in 2015, is a “Story Brawler”

With Stick it to the Man! being a “big success” for developer Zoink on PlayStation, they have announced that their next game, Zombie Vikings, is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2015. As Zoink Founder Klaus Lyngeled said on the PS Blog, they are “hoping for PS Vita too.”

A “story brawler,” Zombie Vikings is being developed in collaboration with Zack Weinersmith of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics.

Lyngeled explained what Zombie Vikings is all about:

Our saga starts out with Loki snatching Odin’s one remaining magic eye right out of its socket. With Odin blind as bat and the Gods of Valhalla too busy partying, Odin makes a desperate move: He summons four of the most fearsome zombie vikings out of the Norse soil: Gunnborg, Seagurd, Hedgy and Caw-kaa! A putrid posse on a mission through the most epic of worlds to retrieve The Eye and make peace with their own rotten pasts.

The action-packed road to find Loki and The Eye will take you through some seriously strange worlds. Why not hack through the boiling gingerbread swamps of Molgaga? Or take a cruise through the intestines of the Midgaard Serpent? You will also discover the previous lives of the zombie vikings: was Caw-kaa really raised by crows? And why is there a squid living in Seagurd’s stomach?

Choosing from the four zombie vikings, each with their own story and special moves, Zoink says they’ve “aimed at finding ways to play together and cooperate using lots of different moves.” As well, being dead doesn’t mean you die, with your friends able to use your vomiting head as a weapon.

More details about Zombie Vikings are set to arrive in the coming months.

[Source: PS Blog]