Sony Details How to Get a 20th Anniversary PS4 in the UK Next Week, Only 500 Will be Available

It’s going to be a bit of a challenge for UK gamers to get their hands on a 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 console next week, with PlayStation UK announcing that they’ll be selling 100 per day at £399.99, and you’ll have to correctly solve a clue from a picture featuring over 300 characters from PlayStation history.

Here’s the steps on how you can become eligible to buy a system in the UK between Monday, December 15 and Friday, December 19:

  1. Follow @PlayStationUK or @GAMEDigital on Twitter!
  2. From Monday, December 15 at 11am you can head to and take a look at our fantastic image containing over 300 characters from PlayStation history. Study the image well and make sure you know your PlayStation characters!
  3. At an allocated time each day @PlayStationUK and @GAMEDigital will tweet a clue using the hashtag #20YearsOfCharacters.
  4. Solve the clue, find the character it corresponds to and click it, if you are correct you will be given a link which will take you to a secret website by GAME.
  5. Once on the page please fill out the form with the details required. If you are in the first 100 people to submit the form you will receive an email from GAME within 24 hours of the link going live, giving you all the details you’ll need to purchase your PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Console. Don’t worry if you aren’t in the first 100, every person who completes the form on the page before it closes will be entered into a daily prize draw and one person will be chosen at random to win a PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Console.

Sony adds that the consoles will be available on a first come first served basis with GAME via the application page, and won’t be sold through

With all times in GMT, here’s when PlayStation UK and GAME will be sending out their tweets next week:

  • Monday at 4pm
  • Tuesday at 5pm
  • Wednesday at 2pm
  • Thursday at 8am
  • Friday at 12pm

Orders to ship outside the UK won’t be accepted, and each person is only eligible to buy one console.

What do you think of the way PlayStation UK is selling their allotment? Do you think all the extra steps are to prevent people from selling them on eBay?

[Source: PlayStation Forums]