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Flappy Bird is the Most Searched Video Game on Google in 2014

The most searched for video game on Google this year wasn’t Call of Duty, Destiny, or any of those other huge console titles. Instead, Google has reported, it was the mobile game Flappy Bird.

In fact, according to Google’s annual Year of Search, Flappy Bird was the sixth most searched for thing in general in 2014, beating out things like ISIS, Frozen, and the Sochi Olympics. The most searched for word or phrases this year was Robin Williams, who sadly passed away back in August of 2014. Following that was the World Cup and Ebola.

On the list of top consumer electronics that were searched for, Microsoft’s Xbox One made an appearance at number seven, with the iPhone 6 coming in first. Neither the PlayStation 4 or the Wii U made it onto the list, however.

What do you think of Flappy Bird being the most search for game? Did you get sucked up into the Flappy Bird craze earlier in the year?

[Source: Google via Polygon]