Sony’s Ahmad: “Software is No Longer a Problem on PS Vita”

As part of a look ahead at PlayStation indies in 2015, Shahid Ahmad, Senior Business Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, was interviewed by MCV UK recently.

Among the various topics discussed, Ahmad was asked about Sony’s plans for the PlayStation Vita in the UK, and he revealed that there’s a “truckload of content coming down the line,” with “over 50 titles coming from independent developers.” Among those upcoming titles, he said there’s some “where we talk to large entities where we can’t actually discuss details and so on,” and they’re very busy right now.

Ahmad continued:

I’m not sure if you’d call Vita a massive success, but it’s certainly been doing good numbers, it’s been steady, and software is coming practically by the day. The catalogue is really healthy now. Software is no longer a problem on Vita, I would say. There are still people saying ‘I want this on Vita’. You can’t have everything; there are commercial realities. But we are seeing more and more, and I don’t think people are going to run out of Vita games anytime soon.

When it comes to developers, Ahmad says he’s hearing “as much interest from developers on Vita as we are on PS4.” With all this support, he revealed that there were over 50 titles on Vita last year, with a similar number this year, and “even more next year.

Referencing the recent 20-year anniversary of PlayStation, Ahmad said, “It’s never been easier to work with PlayStation, and the demand has never been greater either. It’s exciting times.”

Are you excited for all the Vita games in 2015?

[Source: MCV UK]