Lords of the Fallen Devs Reveal Digital & Physical Sales Split, Mobile Version “Set in the Same Universe” Coming Next Year

CI Games has made a lot of big announcements in the last couple of days. Besides announcing that the Lords of the Fallen DLC Ancient Labyrinth is coming out next month and that Lords of the Fallen 2 is already is the works, the company has also just announced that the RPG will be coming to mobile devices next year.

The news of the mobile release was first announced on the game’s Twitter page, which simply stated that the RPG would be coming to both iOS and Android devices in 2015. Later, after being asked for more information by GameSpot, CI Games announced that the title would not be a port, but would take place in the same universe.

We’re currently working on a mobile game that takes place in the Lords of the Fallen universe, which we’re aiming to launch on iOS and Android in 2015. It will not be a straight port of the game though, but rather a brand new Lords of the Fallen experience. More details on that are still to come.

The announcement was released a day before an interview between GamesIndustry and CI Games CEO Marek Tyminski was published, in which Tyminski noted that 70 percent of Lords of the Fallen‘s total sales were from from physical discs, while 30 percent were from digital copies. These numbers, Tyminski explained, means that CI Games will have to embrace digital releases, so as to be able to satisfy all customers.

Wherever we have to be to reach our customers, we will be. Currently it means physical, mostly, but it’s also digital. We’ll try to support both channels the best we can. But selling games only digitally? I think it would be very good news for us. But on the other side, we still like to have the [retail] presence, and we want to be everywhere the gamers are.

Of course, the mobile version of the RPG will only be digital, so it will be interesting to see how well CI Games does with its sales. What do you think of all the Lords of the Fallen news? Will you be getting the mobile version of the game next year?

[Source: Lords of the Fallen (Twitter) via GamesIndustry, GameSpot]