Fighting Styles on Display in Yakuza 0 Demo Video

Sega has released a video showing off the fighting styles in Ryu Ga Gotoku Zero, perhaps better known to English speakers as Yakuza 0.

Kiryu’s basic style is light on his feet and well rounded. He is also shown for some time in a Destruction style, which deals bigger damage with improvised weapons such as sign boards, motorcycles, and whatever he can get his hands on. Majima, meanwhile, is shown using his own fancy footwork in his basic style, then gets even fancier when he switches to Dancer style, which looks like “Breakdancing or capoeira” according to the team. Majima’s Slugger style features him, as you can see, hitting enemies with a bat.

(Note: The video above is a demo set up specifically to show off combat, not a live play demonstration of the final retail product. There’d be a bunch of story or other gameplay interrupting those huge strings of fights in a real Yakuza game.)

Ryu Ga Gotoku Zero will be available for both PS3 and PS4 in Japan on March 12, 2015. It will also be released in the Asia region, but North American and European localizations are not planned at this time.