PS4 Expected to Marginally Outsell Xbox One in 2015 in the UK

It looks like UK games retailers are expecting the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One to have a close showdown for 2015’s title of most purchased console, but they are predicting that the PS4 will just marginally outsell the Xbox One.

According to MCV‘s annual retail survey, which surveys a number of UK games retailers, including GAME and Tech Mobile, about 55 percent of the surveyed companies believe the PS4 will be the most bought console of 2015, while only 41 percent believe the Xbox One will be. The remaining four percent voted for Wii U, 3DS, PS3, VR, and PC.

Despite the prediction that the PS4 will rule 2015, many of the companies noted that it would be tough to pick between the PS4 and the Xbox One, likely because of the large number of Xbox One sales that occurred last month due to the price cuts on the console. Which console do you think will rule 2015 and why?

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