Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Easy Mode Would Have “Broken” the Game, Says Monolith

Developer Monolith Productions has said that if an “easy mode” was included in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, it would have “fundamentally broken” the game. Speaking to GameSpot, Design Director Michael de Plater said that if the game was a walk in the park, players wouldn’t have been able to fully experience the Nemesis System. 

We could have had an Easy Mode. And if we did, the game would have fundamentally been broken. Because if you could just hack and slash your way through the game without having to stop and think, without getting killed, without seeing these guys level up, without the world evolving, people wouldn’t have got to experience the Nemesis System.

de Plater revealed that when Shadow of Mordor was undergoing a test stage, Monolith noticed that people who found the game easy also found the Nemesis System to be least engaging. The developer’s aim was to create challenging scenarios that were easy to get through once players figured out enemy weaknesses. de Plater also believes that Shadow of Mordor probably needs a tougher difficulty setting as opposed to an easy mode. 

Did any of our readers find the game a tad bit difficult?

[Source: GameSpot]