Monolith Discusses the Future of Shadow of Mordor, Surprised at the Positive Reception Towards Talion

Yesterday, we shared Monolith’s view on the inclusion of an “easy mode” in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Design Director Michael de Plater said that an easy mode wouldn’t work with the game’s Nemesis system. The company has further said in an interview with GameSport that it has “only scratched the surface” when it comes to the system, and suggested that it will explore further possibilities, which gives the impression that we may see a sequel in the future. 

de Plater said that he was surprised by the positive reception towards Talion, who is inspired by The Lord of the Rings character, Boromir.

A really positive and great surprise was that people did feel engaged and emotional enough to think about it and talk about it and examine Talion in that depth. Some of the stuff we thought was really obvious and we were heavy handed on was the analogy of Talion with Boromir and Thorin [from The Hobbit] to some extent. Someone who is going down the path of violence and revenge and using what is in effect the Ring of Power to achieve those ends. That’s so obviously a path leading to a fall. It’s an Anakin Skywalker situation, it’s a universal thing.

Elsewhere in the interview, de Plater said that Monolith has “taken the first baby steps” in terms of what it’s “trying to do.” The developer wants to continue to explore the relationship between Celebrimbor and Sauron, and the evolution of Sauron’s character. 

The thing we started to explore more and that I love as a character and has so much more potential and is Sauron. I think he’s such a strong villain, and I’d love to explore the Nazgul [Sauron’s servants] as well. There’s a lot more to explore and a lot more we can do to develop those villains. And to be super honest, it was our first go, so we’ve just scratched the surface with what we can do with the Nemesis system.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: GameSpot]