Japanese Game Creators Talk About Their 2015 Projects, Includes Gravity Rush 2

Famitsu recently interviewed a number of Japanese video game creators about what they will be working on in 2015. While not all of the creators gave indications as to what their 2015 plans will be, quite a few did.

In particular, Makoto Osaki from SEGA announced that they “have unannounced titles in development,” while Yoshito Okamura from Gust mentioned that the company wants to release a new Atelier title. Keiichiro Toyama from Sony briefly talked about Gravity Rush 2, saying that he know that people have been waiting for it for a while now, but they will understand the delay once they see it.

On the whole, it 2015 seems like a promising year for Japanese game developers, if all goes according to plan. To read a summary of all of the interviews, head over to Gematsu, which has compiled a list of them. What are you most excited to see in 2015?

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