Paparazzi Announced for PS4, is a Two-Player Local Multiplayer Game

Developed by Pringo Dingo Games, Paparazzi is a two-player local multiplayer PlayStation 4 title set to release in February 2015 for $4.99.

In the game,one person plays as the celebrity, while the other plays as their enemy, the paparazzi. After calling it a “frantic game of cat-and-mouse with a humorous twist,” Pringo Dingo Games’ Mike Longley explained a bit more about Paparazzi:

The more photos the paparazzi takes of the celebrity, the more money they get and the less dignity the celebrity has. To gain dignity, the celebrity must collect adoring fans and avoid the camera shots of the paparazzi.

We initially made the game for a game jam centered with the theme of a Matthew McConaughey quote: “Cameras aren’t guns. They can’t really hurt you.”

Are you going to be taking pictures of your friends next year with Paparazzi?

[Source: PS Blog]