Dying Light Trailer Gives Gory Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions

A new Dying Light trailer tries to help viewers come up with some good New Year’s resolutions so they can start 2015 off right.

In the gameplay trailer, a number of popular New Year’s resolutions are shown, such as eating healthier and trying out a new hobby. Of course, in the world of Dying Light, these resolutions get somewhat twisted.

For the resolution of eating healthier, the video shows a group of zombies munching on some guy’s head, while the goal to learn a new hobby shows someone making a sleek new weapon. The trailer is both hilarious and gruesome, and is a perfect way to start off 2015.

Dying Light is set to come out on January 27 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. What do you think of the New Year’s resolutions trailer?