Developer Glowstick Games Seeks Funding for VR Compatible Horror Title, Dark Deception

Developer Glowstick Games has launched a Kickstarter funding campaign for its VR compatible horror game, Dark Deception. The title was recently greenlit on Steam and Glowstick also intends to bring it to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Wii U.

According to an official description of the game, Dark Deception is like a horror version of Pac-Man. However, Glowstick wants to create a game with a story arc, RPG elements, various terrifying enemies, and horror environments. Here’s a list of things we’re told to expect:

  • Engaging & suspenseful story arc. 
  • Different enemies with different attack/movement patterns in each level.
  • Huge procedural levels
  • Fun gameplay mechanics. 
  • RPG elements 
  • Extras (art gallery from super talented concept artists around the industry, story archives, and more!). 
  • Amazing soundtrack by Jake Kaufman

A brief description of the story is as follows:

You play as a cop on the run, fleeing from deeds you thought long buried. In desperation, you turn to the urban legend of Helen Bierce, a famous actress who vanished in 1930. Dark and disturbing rumors surrounded her disappearance at the time. Out of options and backed into a corner, your only chance is to dive headfirst into evil and hope to survive.

Glowstick Games is seeking $15,000 in funding for Dark Deception, and has another 27 days to raise the funds.

[Source: Kickstarter]