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The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Gets a Free Horde Mode

Supermassive Games’ PSVR2 title The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR has received a free update for the spooky season that adds a horde mode to its scary rollercoaster experience.

To the death

As with most horde modes, Switchback VR pits players against increasingly tough waves of enemies until they succumb to sheer numbers/difficulty. The update’s official details come from the PlayStation Store and can be viewed below.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR has a new mode, and it’s totally free!

New horde mode! Will you survive the rooms of doom?

On this sinister horror rollercoaster, you are being dragged right back down to hell—you’ll be confronted by swarms of enemies in this new nightmarish mode, complete each room to get increasingly harder enemies and survive attacks from all manner of hideous apparitions straight from the depths of the hell.

New features for the mode include:

  • Extreme G Rollercoaster Drops – Hold on tight as your cart hits new speeds and even bigger drops.
  • Enter the Intense Rooms of Hell – Each room gets progressively harder, will you survive them all or die trying?
  • Power Up – Shoot multiple headshots to unlock the most powerful gun in the game for your next encounter.
  • Don’t Blink – With blink encounter attacks keep those eyes open, or death will be quick.

The VR experience is a spinoff to Supermassive Games’ anthology horror game series The Dark Pictures. Mainline entries so far include Man of Medan, Little Hope, House of Ashes, and The Devil in Me. Future entries are set to be released with sci-fi horror story Directive 8020 next up.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR and its update are available on PSVR2 now.