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Editor’s Letter: PlayStation LifeStyle in 2015

January is the seventh month since PlayStation LifeStyle founder Anthony Severino introduced me as the new Editor-in-Chief of PlayStation LifeStyle. Now, some of you might know me, some of you might not. But what we all have in common is our passion for gaming, and of course, PlayStation stuff.

The reason I’m writing to you, our readers, right now is to personally thank you all for giving PSLS its best year ever when it comes to traffic — a fact I mentioned in our Year in Review for 2014. Yes, you read that right; we had record-breaking traffic numbers and unique visitors for the past year! I think it’s not a stretch to call PSLS the biggest non-Sony affiliated PlayStation site in the world. The fact that I can even make a claim like that brings a smile to my face and again, I have the readers to thank for that.

All that “whoop!” “whoop!” aside, we have a ton of stuff lined up for you. You might have noticed a significant uptick when it comes to our video content. We rolled out video features like Versus and The Ultimate, and The Catch-Up, and we’re just getting started. Prepare for more video features with more episodes from existing videos, as well as new ones that will kick off very, very soon.

Speaking of videos, you might have noticed a certain high profile YouTuber —Ms5000Watts –producing exclusive content for PSLS’ YouTube channel. That will continue this year, but instead of focusing on multiplayer stuff, Watts will be “hosting” shows that will target PlayStation gamers. Again, this is just the start and expect more Early Access videos, Top 10s and the like, too. So, if you haven’t done so, you really ought to subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

Over on the editorial side, expect more news to pour out, as well as more timely reviews in time for release.  In addition to those, we’re going to pump out more features and even run quarterly “themes” that will spotlight certain aspects of the video game industry and they are:

Indie Games Celebration (from January to March): We’ll be posting articles highlighting indie games and the game studios and individuals that create them and ends with Game Developer’s Conference in March.

Inventing an Icon (April to May): Feature pieces looking back at iconic characters that helped define 20 years of PlayStation consoles.

– International Tour of Gaming (Augugst to September):  Expect posts highlighting games with heavy international themes and locations, starting with Europe tying into gamescom in Germany, then switching to Japanese games and ending with the Tokyo Game Show.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Expect seasonal features to kick in, as well as new editorial columns (or PSLS Originals as we call ’em) to be unveiled soon, too. We’re not stopping there, either. Expect changes to the site at some point within the year as well. 

I’m hoping that you’re as excited as I am to usher in a bigger, leaner and badder PlayStation LifeStyle in 2015. Got comments? Suggestions? Feel free to reach out to me via email or through Twitter. I promise, I’ll do my best to answer each and every email that comes my way. And before anyone asks, yes, you can expect more Editor’s Letters in the future since I don’t think I’d want to wait another seven months before I reach out to the community.

Once again, thank you all for the best year PSLS has had in history and let’s shatter new records in 2015! 

PS: I love you guys since I’m living my dream right now.