Batman: Arkham Knight Pre-Order Image Might Have Just Spoiled a Big Part of the Game

An image of Batman: Arkham Knight‘s Limited Edition recently appeared on Amazon, seemingly giving away a major plot spoiler in the upcoming game. If you don’t want to have anything ruined, don’t scroll down.

Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition

The image has since been taken down from Amazon, but luckily not before people at VideoGamer managed to save it and post it onto their website. Looking very carefully, you might be able to make out the words on the Gotham City statue. They read — “From a Grateful City In Memory of the Gotham Knight.”

The words certainly make it seem as if Batman is going to die in the upcoming action game, although that obviously has not yet been confirmed. Batman: Arkham Knight is set to come out on June 2, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. What do you make of the mysterious message?

[Source: Amazon via VideoGamer]