Teen Lizard Squad Member Arrested

On the topic of bad boys, philosophers have long asked, “Whatcha gonna do?” going on to specify, “Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

What indeed.

Some punks by the name of Lizard Squad were bad over the year-end holidays, we all remember. They now seem to be getting arrested. Who could have imagined?

Following one arrest on New Year’s Day, another has now been made in Merseyside, England. This seems to indicate that Lizard Squad is either based in England, or the British police are just outclassing everyone.

According to Sky News, the arrest isn’t necessarily a direct result of the DDOS attacks on Sony and Microsoft, but the teen also made threats to kill someone and may have been involved in “swatting” as well. Electronic equipment was confiscated from his home during the arrest, and investigation is still in its early stages.

Deputy Chief Constable Peter Goodman, the national policing lead for cyber security at the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), said, “This arrest demonstrates that we will pursue those who commit crime with the false perception they are protected within their own homes or hiding behind anonymous online personas.”

I like that quote because the plural of “persona” used to be “personae,” which is just unwieldy and silly. Or am I remembering that wrong? I haven’t thought about it in forever. Teach me in the comments, kids.

[Source: Sky News]