Rhythm Game Amplitude Delayed to Summer 2015

Developer Harmonix has confirmed that its upcoming rhythm game, Amplitude, has been delayed to summer 2015. The game, which is a reboot of the 2003 PlayStation 2 ttitle, was originally scheduled for release in March for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. 

Harmonix explained on its Kickstarter page that this is the first time the company has worked on a PlayStation 4 game, and it will need some additional production time. 

This is our first time working on PlayStation 4, and it’s been a big learning experience for the team. We’ve put a lot of work into our proprietary engine to support some of the new, awesome content we’re bringing to the reboot. These factors combined have bumped production out a few additional months.

In a traditional scenario, we’re sometimes tasked with shipping a game to meet publisher demands or in some cases, meet a deadline to make sure the game is available to be purchased during the busy holiday season. In these cases, developers have to re-evalute production needs and make difficult calls to meet deadlines, including removing or shrinking features and – in the worst cases – sacrificing quality in other areas.

The developer also said that it doesn’t want to cut any corners and wants to deliver the best experience possible. We’re told that the team is still making “solid progress” and has some “exciting” plans for PAX East in March.

Harmonix has promised a “far more polished” multiplayer mode, which will be playable at the event. A definitive release date for Amplitude has not been announced.

[Source: Kickstarter]