Editor’s Letter: Indie Games Showcase is a Go!

As mentioned in my previous Editor’s Letter earlier this month, we are introducing quarterly programs to PlayStation LifeStyle this year!

Kicking things off is our Indie Games Showcase where we dive just a little bit deeper when it comes to indie games, the studios that make them and so on. Expect studio profiles, a peek at a studio’s past, present and future titles and more starting this week.

Now, for those not a big fan of indie games (why aren’t you?), don’t fret. Just because the Indie Games Showcase is running this month until March, that doesn’t mean that you won’t see any AAA gaming news, interviews, reviews and whatnot.  We will still cover every big PlayStation-related news out there, as well as reviews and features. Just expect more indie stuff to pour out during Q1. 

We’ll also have a banner on the site announcing our Q1 program. Clicking on this will bring you to a hub page where every relevant feature associated with the Indie Games Showcase can easily be accessed.

So, expect the usual PSLS content you know and love, but don’t forget to check out our quarterly theme as well. We work hard to ensure that PlayStation LifeStyle continues to be the best source of PlayStation news, unbiased reviews, compelling features and exclusive content.

Let us know what you think, everyone! And remember: indies are games regardless of what people think.