Dying Light Gameplay Videos Show Off Co-Op Zombie Bashing

Zombie killing is always best when one is doing it with a group of friends, something that Dying Light is quick to show off. In two new gameplay videos, Techland gives us a glimpse as to what co-op zombie action will be like — and it seems violent, gory, and awesome.

In the first gameplay video, a group of players are hunting down zombies with a variety of weapons, from axes to guns to machetes. The group makes its way through a whole lot of zombies, brutally mashing them up as they do so.

A second Dying Light gameplay video features what it is like to “Be the Zombie.” The “Be the Zombie” DLC, which Techland just announced will be free to all, allows some players to be zombies while the other players are zombie hunters. The video gives fans a look at what it will be like to play as a zombie and what it will be like to try and hunt down your zombie friends in co-op gameplay.

What do you think of the two co-op gameplay videos? Will you play either of these multiplayer modes when Dying Light releases on January 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.