Gamer Academy – Grim Fandango Remastered Trophy Guide

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s Trophy Guide for Grim Fandango Remastered! This classic piece of gaming history has returned and brought with it 48 Trophies to earn, which includes a Platinum Trophy! This Platinum, by the way, is very easy as long as you know how to navigate the conversations.

There are four Trophies that are story related and one that is playing with a certain control scheme. The remaining 43, are all tied to story events and character interactions. The Trophy names are different than usual games. They are all quotes from the characters within the game. To earn these Trophies, you have to get the characters to say the quotes. Which is incredibly easy, as long as you know where to look and who to talk to. An important thing to remember is to save your game very often. There is no autosave in this game, so you have to manually save. It’s also a good idea to save your game in a different slot every time you complete a year. That way, if you miss a Trophy, you can just reload that year and quickly replay it instead of the whole game. It works out, there are four years and four save slots, convenient, huh?

Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers within the guide. If you are trying to avoid spoilers, it is recommended that you complete the game before reading any further. 

Number Nine Ticket – Platinum

– Get all other Trophies in the game.

The Right Way – Gold

– Play the whole game with tank controls. Tim demanded this Trophy.

As soon as you have control of Manny, press start, go to “Movement Mode” and then select “Tank Controls”. The controls take a bit to get used to. This control type is not as fluid as current games are. They take a bit to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really not a problem. Just play the entire game with this control scheme and the Trophy will pop as soon as you complete the fourth year. 

“What I did back in the fat days in none of your business. You know the rules.” – Bronze

– Talk to Eva about how she got stuck here.

This Trophy can be earned almost immediately. When you come out of Manny’s office, talk to Eva at her desk. Keep talking to her until the option to ask about why she got stuck here comes up. Ask her and she will say the quote that is the Trophy name. The Trophy will pop when you are done talking to her. 

“Gets the aggressions out, doesn’t it?” – Bronze

– Use the hole punch.

The hole punch is located on Eva’s desk. Pick up the deck of cards from Manny’s office. Equip the cards in front of the hole punch and use it. After you use the hole punch on the cards, put the cards away so that you’re not holding anything and use the hole punch again. The Trophy will pop after you use the hole punch a second time with nothing in your hands. 

“Scaring the living is technically against the rules, but we all do it.” – Bronze

– Scare the living a few times.

When you arrive at the poisoning, interact with all three humans in the diner. Each one will change their face and a sound will play. The Trophy will pop after you’ve interacted with the third human. 

“It’s like I’m not happy unless I’m breathing in the thick, black, nauseating fumes…” – Bronze

– Talk to Glottis about cravings.

Glottis is in the garage. Keep talking to him until he tells you why he needs to be around cars. Asking him if his name is German will lead to the option to ask him. You need to do this before getting the work order signed.

“Lousy bony fingers!” – Bronze

– Get the balloon twister to pop a balloon.

This comes after you get back from the poisoning. Take the elevator down to the lobby and go outside towards the festival. Talk to the clown making animals out of balloons. Keep talking to him until the option “BANG” appears. Select that option to yell and the clown will pop his balloon. The Trophy will pop when you exit the conversation. 

“I squeezed down one of these tubes, like a pixie!” – Bronze

– Talk to Brennis about how he got to the machine. 

 After stuffing the balloons down the mail tube, go to the lobby and into the door on your left. Brennis will be in there fixing the machine. Ask him who would sabotage the machine and then the option to ask how he got in there will come up, ask him. The Trophy will pop after the conversation is over. Make sure you do this before grabbing the fire extinguisher.

“Well, I could do something bad right now if that would help.” – Bronze

– Try to dig up some dirt on Meche.

When interviewing Meche, ask her every question about what she could have done. The Trophy requires you to ask every question before exiting the conversation. If you exit before asking them all, you’ll miss the Trophy.

“Precisamente, amigo.” – Bronze

– Learn of a nefarious plot.

When you are able to walk around in the underground hideout, talk to Sal and ask him what he knows that you do not. Keep talking to him until he explains what the D.O.D is up to. You have to do this before leaving.

“Join or Die! Again!” – Bronze

– Receive a message from Eva.

When you are able to walk around in the underground hideout, talk to Eva and simply ask her if you have any messages. You have to do this before leaving. 

“ARROGANT FRAUD’ doesn’t work.” – Silver

– Try to guess Domino’s password a few times. 

When you climb the rope and enter Domino’s office, interact with his computer four times. After the fourth time, the Trophy will pop. You have to do this before exiting his office with the mouthpiece. 

“Run you pigeons! It’s Robert Frost!” – Bronze

– Try to intimidate the pigeons.

You will need a Robert Frost balloon from the clown for this. Before scaring the pigeons away, equip the Robert Frost balloon, and wave it at the pigeons on the roof. The Trophy will pop when Manny yells the Trophy name quote.

“The marrow of these trees, Manny, they suck it out, it’s like cement!” – Bronze

– Ask Glottis about the tree farm.

After giving Glottis his heart back and driving to the tree farm, talk to Glottis before using the machine. There are no optional conversation choices here, just talk to him once the Trophy will pop. 

“We only have one mop.” – Bronze

– Check your job qualifications with Celso.

 Once you exit the forest across the bone bridge you’ll come to a diner. Go inside and speak to Celso mopping. Talk to him until he mentions work and tell him that you need a job. Make sure to do this before giving him the log book.

“…Used to scream like a banshee when the trade winds blew…” – Bronze

– Ask Velasco about his eye patch.

After falling off of the ledge near the diner, you’ll meet Velasco. After he carries you back up, he will be down talking to Glottis. Speak to him about the mist and then ask him what is under his eye patch. Make sure to do this before giving Celso the log book. 

Year 1 – Silver

– Spend a year in the Eighth Underworld.

This Trophy is story related. 

“Great news – we’ve discovered a new, secret talent of our tiny messengers!” – Bronze

– Catch up on how the pigeons are doing.

At the very beginning of Year 2, go inside and pick up the letter off the desk at the top left of the room. When Sal is done speaking, go into your inventory and equip the letter. With the letter equipped, press X to read it. Each time Sal stops talking, press X again to read all of the letters. Keep doing this until the Trophy pops. 

“Plus, we look good in these clothes!” – Bronze

– Talk to Glottis about leaving.

After you come down the stairs, Glottis will be playing the piano. Talk to him about leaving to earn this Trophy. Make sure to do this before you show him the VIP pass. 

“Well, maybe just a sip…” – Bronze

– Sample the Marillo de Oro.

After you speak to Glottis, go behind the bar and pick up the alcohol. Once you pick it up, press X to take a drink and the Trophy is yours.

“We are all citizens of the same nation, and our king rides a pale horse.”

– Try to get a passport from Chowchilla Charlie.

Charlie is sitting alone in a booth in the room with all the roulette tables. Talk to him until he mentions counterfeiting. Ask him about making counterfeit passports to earn this Trophy. Make sure to do this before asking him about the union.


– Ask Lupe about her organizational system.

Lupe is located behind the coat check in desk, which is down the first flight of stairs from your office. Talk to her about her new coat check in system. 

“It shone, pale as bone…” – Bronze

–  Look at the moon.

Once you go outside (through the exit next to Lupe) and fall off of the boat, you’ll be on some docks. Walk toward the moon and when Manny loks up at it, press Square to have Manny recite a poem. The Trophy will pop after the poem.

“Consider it an homage.” – Silver

– Have Olivia recite one of your poems.

Go into the Blue Casket and speak to Olivia. Next, get on stage and recite a poem. When you’re done, you should hear the crowd hissing at you. Go back to Olivia and talk to her about open mic night. After that, ask her to go on stage and read a poem. She’ll go and read what you just read. The Trophy will pop when she exits the stage after the poem.

“We’re straight stingers, you know?” – Bronze

– Talk to the worker bees about playing the game.

The bees are located just outside of the Blue Casket. Just keep talking to them and they will eventually say the Trophy quote.

“Here, let me hold that metal detector for you while you cry…” – Bronze

– Listen to Carla’s whole story.

Equip the alcohol and walk through the metal detector. Carla will ask you to go to the back room to be strip searched. While back there, she will begin talking about herself and stories about her life. Don’t press anything and just let her talk until she starts crying. When she begins crying, a speech option the same as the quote from the Trophy name will pop up. Select it to earn this Trophy. 

“Manny, we’ve given up. All of us.” – Bronze

– Talk to Membrillo about why he’s still here.

Just keep talking to Membrillo and the option to ask why he hasn’t left will pop up. Ask him about it before giving him the metal detector. 

“Come to see how the big boys play, eh Manny?” – Bronze

– Visit with Maximino. 

 Maximino is located through the back left door of the High Roller’s room. He will give you the quote as you begin to first speak to him

“So, sorry,  but I don’t do… ‘odd jobs.’ ” – Bronze

– Try to convince Verago to help you out.

Verago is in the High Roller’s room sitting by himself. Talk to him and tell him you need a lawyer. Just keep praising him and telling him he  is the best and he will eventually give you the quote you need for this Trophy.

“Oh, yeah, I could take you down…” – Bronze

– Try to convince Aitor to take you down to the wine cellar.

Aitor is in the kitchen of the High Roller’s floor. Just talk to him about taking you down in the elevator. 

“Oh, Rusty Anchor” – Bronze

– Have Glottis sing you the rusty anchor song. 

After you talk to Lola at the Lighthouse, take her paper and give it to Lupe to get Lola’s coat. Search the pockets to get a paper that says “Rusty Anchor” on it. Equip the paper and go to talk to Glottis. He will then play the Rusty Anchor song. You have to do this before showing the paper to anyone else.

“ME, ME, ME-ME-ME!” – Bronze

– Chant with the bees.

After you free the bee that was arrested, go to where they are all standing from earlier. Once you get there they will be chanting. Start chanting with them by pressing X to stay in rhythm with the group. Let the leader lead the chant and as soon as he is done, press X to chant in sync with the rest of the bees. Once they start chanting about you, that means you were successful. If you mess up, they will start over and you can try again.

Year 2 – Silver

– Spend two years in the Eighth Underworld.

This Trophy is story related. 

“I wasn’t always this color!” – Bronze

– Talk to Chepito about how long he’s been down here.

Chepito will walk by just after Glottis warns you about being in the ocean. As soon as he walks up, talk to him about what he’s doing on the ocean floor and the conversation option will pop up to ask how long he has been under the water. 

*sniff *sniff* – Bronze

– Make the angelitos cry.

After you are knocked out by Domino, you’ll wake up in a room and the angelitos will be in a cage. Speak to them and select the option to tell their parents if they bite you. This will make them cry.

“Save your breath…” – Bronze

– Try to explain to Meche.

After leaving the room with the angelitos, go to Meche’s room. Talk to her and tell her you need to talk and that you want to try and explain what happened. Make sure to do this before giving her the gun.

“Okay, how much of this haven’t you figured out, Calavera?” – Silver

– Get Domino to explain the racket to you.

Right after talking to Meche, go into Domino’s office. Just keep asking him questions about what he is doing. Make sure to do this before giving Meche the gun.

“IT’S A BUST-ALL!” – Bronze

– Talk to Chepito about his bartering tactics.

Ask Chepito about his drill. This will eventually lead to a conversation about booty. Keep asking him about the booty and he will eventually yell the Trophy quote when you ask him what he traded for the drill. Make sure to do this before giving him the hammer. 

“Stop showing off for the girl!” – Bronze

– Try to beat Domino in a fair fight. 

When you have to fight Domino on the Submarine at the end of the level, pull out your scythe. Keep attacking him with your scythe until he tells you to stop showing off. This will take six or seven hits before he says it. Make sure to do this before attacking the squid.

Year 3 – Silver

– Spend three years in the Eighth Underworld.

This Trophy is story related. 

“Happy trails, Captain.” – Bronze

– See Chepito on his way.

Chepito will be walking in circles in a fountain through the door way under the guy you are talking to at the beginning. Just speak to him and he will leave after he is done talking. Make sure to do this before putting the oiled up rag in the toaster. 

“I could walk out of this world and not look back…” – Bronze

– Hold to your commitments.

Immediately after Chepito leaves, try to follow him down the tunnel he took and Manny will stop himself and recite the Trophy quote. Make sure to do this before putting the oiled up rag in the toaster. 

“I’m getting out of here. This world’s for suckers.” – Bronze

– See Bruno on his way.

Walk down the temple stairs to ground level and interact with the coffin. Bruno will be inside and then he will leave. There are no specific conversation options to choose here. He will yell at you and then depart. 

“…so large” – Bronze

– Meet the mechanics.

The mechanics are working on Glottis on the temple you start at. Go inside, speak to them and ask them who they are. They are down the first flight of stairs and the doorway is under the rail track. Make sure to do this before putting the oiled up rag in the toaster. 

“Oh, Lola…” – Silver

– Revisit the place where you left Lola.

 As soon as you get back to Rubacava, go to the top of the lighthouse where Lola died. 

“THAT’S NOT FUNNY!” – Bronze

– Crack a joke.

After freezing the gel and walking on it, stand next to Bone Wagon and press Square to make a joke. You have to do this before defusing the bomb. You also have to be standing on the side of the vehicle and not behind in order to get Manny to say the joke. 

“Manuel! Is everything okay?” – Bronze

– Play with the radio.

The radio is located on the desk in the center of the room where you meet up with Sal. Interact with the radio to unlock this Trophy. Make sure to do this before leaving the room. 

Year 4 – Gold

– Spend four years in the Eighth Underworld.

This Trophy is story related.

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