Arcania: The Complete Tale Coming to PS4 at 1080p, Aiming for 60fps

Bundling together Arcania and its Fall of Setarrif expansion, Nordic Games have confirmed that Arcania: The Complete Tale is coming to the PlayStation 4, with an Xbox One version “in evaluation.”

Already available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, Nordic says the PS4 version will basically be a port of the PC version running at 1080p. While they’re still optimizing the title and things are subject to change, the target right now is for 60fps.

A listing for the game first popped up on Amazon Germany with a budget price and release date of May 29, but Nordic says a release date has yet to be determined. When it does launch, you’ll be able to get Arcania: The Complete Tale worldwide at retail and through the PlayStation Store.

Have you played Arcania before? Would you buy it on PS4?

[Source: Videogamer, Amazon via AllGamesBeta]