PS4 Update 5.0

PS4 Update 5.0 Reportedly Includes Improved Account Following, 1080p/60fps Twitch Streaming on PS4 Pro

While Sony hasn’t given us details on PlayStation 4 update 5.0 yet, Eurogamer obtained a copy of the patch notes and revealed that it will include the ability for PS4 Pro owners to stream on Twitch at 1080p and 60 frames-per-second.

There’s several other features in 5.0, including the ability to follow anyone’s account, rather than just the notable verified accounts. According to the patch notes, this is to “encourage more sharing of content and more interactions,” and you’ll be able to follow whoever you want without the need for a friend request (you can limit followers to just your friends, and you can also block users). On the developer side, Sony says this will “boost the viral potential of [user-generated content].”

As for sub/child accounts, 5.0 will allow new family accounts to feature multiple adult accounts in a family, and set parental controls on an account basis. To help manage family accounts, there will be a new PC/smartphone web app.

The final major change that Eurogamer mentioned is that you’ll be able to view system notifications and the status of downloads/uploads from the Quick Menu.

PS4 update 5.0 also includes push notifications for events, spectators comments on screen while broadcasting in VR mode, support for seven more languages (Czech, Thai, Greek, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Romanian and Hungarian), the ability to link broadcasts to a PlayStation Community, and behind-the-scenes support for bundle and compilation discs. It’s unclear exactly what that last feature is, but it could fix the save file incompatibility between regular games and Game of the Year versions (previously seen with The Witcher 3).

A beta test for PS4 update 5.0 is expected to start soon, and the update should launch shortly after the test is completed. Eurogamer says the PlayStation App will get a design and performance update at the same time.

[Source: Eurogamer via Wario64]