Watch Final Fantasy Kitchen Knives Get Forged for a Lucky Fan

Some lucky Final Fantasy fan has just received one of the best surprises I have ever seen. The Super-Fan Builds, with the help of the people at Man At Arms, were commissioned to build some awesome Final Fantasy kitchen knives as a present for someone.

As you can see in the video above, the four knives were created to be replicas of swords found in the game series. One is a replica of Cloud’s buster sword from FFVII, another is meant to be Sephiroth’s masamune from FFVII, a third knife is a replica of Auron’s katana from FFX, and the last knife is meant to be a take on Squall’s gunblade from FFVIII.

The fan who received the knives as a surprise is clearly excited and almost in tears at the end of the video, as I think most of us Final Fantasy fans would be after getting such an cool gift. What do you think of the blades? If you’re as jealous about them as I am, then just remember that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming out on March 17, so you can get your FF fix in then.

[Source: Super-Fan Builds (YouTube) via Kotaku]