Free Final Fantasy VII Remake Themes Available on PS4 for Demo Players and PS Plus Subscribers

Square Enix previously promised that fans would receive access to free Final Fantasy VII Remake themes on PlayStation 4. It seems the publisher has held to said promise. The first of such themes is now available to anyone who downloads the remake’s free demo before May 11th. Another theme is exclusive to PS Plus members, and features Cloud looking toward the city of Midgar.

Check out the first theme in action below, courtesy of Wario64 on Twitter:

Wario64 shared a similar video for the Cloud theme. Check it out in the following Twitter post:

There also exists a third PS4 theme, which features Sephiroth front and center. However, it is only available as a preorder bonus to customers through Amazon. It currently remains unknown whether this theme will become available to fans by other means at a later date.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available to purchase now on the PlayStation 4. Thus far, reviews are largely favorable across the board. Our review awards Square Enix’s latest a 10 out of 10, notably celebrating the recreation of iconic moments, characters, and locales. FFVII Remake’s battle system receives its fair share of applause, as well. The remake will launch on other platforms early next year.

[Source: PlayStation Network via Wario64 on Twitter]