Tropico 5 PS4 Gameplay Trailer Revealed, Release Date Announcement “Very Soon”

A new-gen exclusive on PlayStation 4, Tropico 5 has been held back for a few months now, but Kalypso Media promises that a release date will be announced “very soon.” To tide you over until then, a trailer showcasing some PS4 gameplay and a look at the features was unveiled.

Marking the first ever Tropico game to appear on PlayStation, Producer Timo Thomas says, “All you need to know is that Tropico 5 is a city-builder and political simulator where players take on the role of the infamous bearded despot El Presidente and rule over the small banana republic of Tropico located in the Caribbean.”

Thomas continued by talking about exactly what you can do in Tropico 5:

You begin by building up your city; raising it from a simple colonial town and advancing it towards a thriving metropolis. From different types of housing and entertainment to luxurious tourist attractions, it is up to you how to guide the nation.

It’s also necessary to develop commercial industry – with all sorts of different opportunities to explore or exploit (depending on what kind of Presidente you’d like to be!). Create more variety in your food produce, harness the riches of natural resources and invest in technological achievements. Or contribute to Tropico’s booming llama industry.

What complicates things slightly, as always, is politics. There’s constantly someone who isn’t happy with your decisions as Presidente – whether that’s the green-friendly Environmentalists, business hungry Capitalists or generally rather angry fascists.

You can be voted out of power (which means game over!), so the challenge and fun of Tropico 5 is deciding how you’re going to keep yourself in government and manage the demands of the people.

For this PS4 version, Kalypso says the controls have been “carefully mapped to the DualShock 4 controller,” with the game running in full 1080p at a solid 30fps.

Will you be buying Tropico 5 once it’s released?

[Source: PS Blog]