Lesbian Love Adventure Comes to Vita – White Robe Love Addiction

Here’s an upcoming game you might not have heard of, White Robe Love Addiction for PlayStation Vita.

The story follows girls trying to become nurses, which apparently involves garters and short skirts. I know that’s how I like my nurses. I also prefer that they know some medical shit as a close second priority. The main character is named Asuka, who went into nursing school fresh out of high school. Players see her adventures at the nursing school and her interactions with classmates as the game covers about three years of her life there.

Three key characters she meets there are Itsuki, Sakuya, and Nao. Developer Kogado hasn’t said much about Nao, but Itsuki and Sakuya are called “the most perfect couple in the whole school.” Asuka even gets a glimpse of the lady lovers making out. In other news, I haven’t used the phrase “making out” since like 2004.

Itsuki, the green haired girl with a love of garters, loves jokes and has a personality “like a playboy.” The older sempai nurses adore her. Her listed skills include “sexual harassment.” Itsuki playfully teases Asuka once in a while.

Itsuki calls Sakuya “princess.” Sakuya is a studious, dutiful young lady who joined nursing school because she felt like she had to.  The protagonist is very indecisive, but Sakuya is a straight shooter with clear goals, so there’s some natural friction there.

Nao is also in class with Asuka, and they become fast friends. The students are all 18 and the supervisor is 27. Can’t have someone be over 30, because that wouldn’t be sexy enough — or so I theorize.

White Robe Love Addiction is a follow-up to the PSP game Hakuisei Ren Ai Shokogun and its tagline is, “At a hospital where people are on the brink of death, these girls will be tested.” I guess the nursing school is also a hospital? On-the-job training? I clearly have no idea how medical schools work. I suppose if I did, I wouldn’t be wasting my time telling you about sexy video games on the internet.


It’s a visual novel, so don’t expect a whole lot on the gameplay front; story and characters are what this runs on. In interviews, the voice actresses were encouraging players to go after all the different endings, because really, what were they going to say?

The lady-on-lady kiss seems somewhat controversial among Japanese media. I’m seeing some Japanese websites post the image, and others completely leave it out of their coverage of the game. What I mean is, I’ve seen this exact same interview — word for word — with the voice actresses on several different sites, but Dengeki seems to be in the minority bold enough to post the kiss screenshots. Sites like 4Gamer and Famitsu left it out. I can’t know if this is coincidence or what. (You can check the link if you want the fugly Dengeki logo on the bottom; I clipped it here.)

My first thought was that the other sites are saving players from spoilers, but no, the characters kissing are already said to be a close couple in the printed information, and neither of them are the main character. Furthermore, these websites post way bigger spoiler stuff than that, all the time, so it’s not that.

Despite what some things might seem to indicate, this isn’t an adult-only game or some kind of porno. This’ll be CERO-Z at the worst (like Grand Theft Auto), probably more like D (like Yakuza), but not something you need to walk to the dark, restricted part of the store to buy. Don’t expect nudity or detailed sex scenes.

This game comes out in Japan on April 30 and the rest of the world probably never. White Robe Love Addiction‘s official Japanese website is right here.

But Wait, It Gets Better: