Housemarque Experimenting With Project Morpheus in Super Stardust Ultra

In a factsheet sent out to reviewers with Super Stardust Ultra, Sony said the new PlayStation 4 title is “Morpheus Ready.”

To fully understand what this means, Sony sent out a statement to Eurogamer, clarifying that it just means developer Housemarque is testing out Project Morpheus with the title, but nothing is concrete:

Housemarque are fortunate enough to have had access to Morpheus development kits and have been experimenting with the technology using their latest title, Super Stardust Ultra.

At this time, the technical tests are ongoing and it is too early to say whether Super Stardust Ultra will become Morpheus compatible at some stage, or whether the team will apply the technical knowledge to future titles.

Digital Foundry goes on to explain that Project Morpheus VR titles are required to include certain specs. With Super Stardust Ultra running at 1080p/60fps, complete with 3D, it would appear the game is an ideal candidate for Morpheus.

We’ll learn more about Project Morpheus at GDC on March 4, where Sony is set to give us an update on the device. So far, we know that “attendees will gain an understanding of the new and novel experiences that can be created when working with Virtual Reality on the PlayStation platform.”

The 20% PlayStation Plus launch week discount is still live for Super Stardust Ultra if you’re interested in picking up the game.

[Source: Eurogamer]