Top 5 Most Shameful PlayStation Platinum Trophies

Like it or not, Trophies are now a big part of PlayStation’s gaming experience. While some (or even most) people are hung up on what their Trophy rank is, and “Platinuming” every game, some are more extreme than others to the point that they’d play games they have no intention of playing, if not for the easy Platinum they can earn.

Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled the top five most shameful Platinum Trophies you can earn on a PlayStation platform. By most shameful, we mean that these are games that shouldn’t be played at all — let alone Platinum. 

But sadly, some have taken this walk of shame all in the name of raising their online cred. So, check your friend’s Trophy list if and when they brag about their rank being higher than yours. You might just be surprised to see some of the games we’ve mentioned listed there.

What are the most embarrassing Platinum Trophies you’ve gotten so far? Would you buy or rent crappy games just to raise your rank? Sound off and let us know.

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